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Waffle and Sweets Cafe

33's Cafe

OPEN 11:00am~4:00pm

Irregular holidays

33'scafe started as a small cafe at the entrance of Nakamachi-dori, Matsumoto City in the summer of 2021.
We offer handcrafted original menus using a variety of Shinshu's bountiful fruits.

  • Shaved Ice

    “Condensed Milk Espuma Shaved Ice”, which has a fluffy texture, is available only during the summer. Handmade syrup and light-tasting espuma. We have standard menus such as ``Blueberry'', ``Strawberry'', ``Hojicha in coffee jelly'', and ``Matcha on red bean paste'', as well as limited time menus.

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  • Waffle

    Waffles include two types of sausage (smoked and black sesame), salad, ``homemade sausage'' topped with warm eggs, ``homemade bolognese'' and ``chocolate,'' among other standard items, as well as limited-time menu items.

    menu list

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